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Sample Ceremonies


Sample Ceremonies and More 

Brainstorming Ideas
Short and Sweet Options

The following can be used alone for a truly short ceremony or can be used in combination with any other ceremonies you would like to add (Rose Ceremony, Memorial, Sand, etc.). 

1.  Short & SweetWith Unity Candle

2.  Short & Sweet"I Do" without a lot of repeating after me

3.  Short & SweetChristian Ceremony

4.  Short & Sweet Beautiful Tapestry

5.  Short & Sweet Christian Elopement Ceremony

6.  Short & Sweet Civil Ceremony

7.   Short & Sweet with Sand Ceremony

8.   Short & Sweet with God's Knot

9.   Short & Sweet with Family Circle of Love

10. Old Fashioned Christian Ceremony

11.  Short & Sweet with Ring Warming  

Longer More Traditional Ceremonies

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