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Telephone or Proxy Wedding - Alternative to Prison Wedding

Do you have a loved one in a Correctional Institution?   Do you have a sincere desire to be married and have found yourself exhausted from the search to find a qualified Minister to officiate your wedding?  You have come to the right place.  I can help you in the States of Kansas or Missouri by performing a Telephone or Proxy Wedding.

What is a Telephone or Proxy Wedding?

A Telephone Wedding is when your fiancé cannot be physically present with us at the time of the Wedding, but he or she can be on the Telephone.

A Proxy wedding is when one or both of the individuals being united are not physically present, unable to be available by phone, and had provided another party the authority to stand in his or her place, a proxy.  

Two witnesses are required for ALL WEDDINGS.

State of Kansas, only one person is required to appear at the Courthouse to obtain the marriage license.  THERE IS A THREE DAY WAITING PERIOD.  For example, you apply on Friday and can pick up the license on Monday.  Once you have the license in hand, you are ready to make it legal!  We will gather together with two witnesses and your loved one on the telephone or with the Proxy and have a wedding celebration at my Little Chapel of Love in Overland Park, Kansas.  

If it is at all possible, I suggest that you obtain a Durable Power of Attorney in order to have this type of wedding.  It is NOT required by any Kansas law or statute, but it is better to have a Power of Attorney than to not have one.  If you can obtain the Marriage License, I can legally marry you.

State of Missouri,  Missouri requires a special Affidavit signed and Notarized by the absent party and a third party who can attest to the reason for the absence.  You can find the Affidavit here.  You will use this Affidavit to obtain the Marriage License.  There is no waiting period in the State of Missouri.  You can walk in with this Affidavit and walk out with the license in about 10 minutes!  You can get married immediately.  ONE PARTY MUST RESIDE IN THE STATE OF MISSOURI to use this option.  We can meet at a Mutually Convenient Location in Missouri.

A Telephone or Proxy wedding may not be the wedding of your dreams, but it will get you what you need until you can be together and plan a more traditional vow renewal or celebration of your love.

Please contact me today for more details.  My fee for a Telephone or Proxy Wedding is $200.00.  If necessary, I can usually find Witnesses and a Proxy but I request that you pay them $20 each for their time. 


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